Both scenario based chat and freetext chat are supported, It could be used freely for any of your customer's website. Without hiring customer suppoter, it could answer the visitor's question automatically

24/7 Customer support system, no salary payment!


Japanese、Chinese、English are OK、Could be used with Web、WeChat、LINE

Human Support

It could be used with other chat support system by human


It could be connected with other AI system


We do any customize basing on your requirements



You could setup your scenario, check the chat history in admin,


Bot Traning could be done by administrator on chat window


Scenario Free Paid(6800RMB/Yearly)
Chat History
Data Expires 3 months 3 years
FAQ Importing
Design Template
A.I. (Note1)
Voice (Note1)
Chat count No Limit(Note2) No Limit(Note3)
Setup (Note4)
Customize Service 〇(Note5) 〇(Note6)
Tech Support 〇(Note7)
  • Note1: Need to use your own DialogFlow Service account
  • Note2: For free users with large traffic, we will recommend using the paid version or restricting traffic
  • Note3: For paying users with particularly large access traffic, we will recommend the establishment of a dedicated server and charge part of the server fee
  • Note4: If you can’t do the initial setup yourself, we also provide a one-time paid initial setup service, please let us know your needs and we will price it for you
  • Note5: Professional customization based on your needs on the basis of existing platforms (customization fees need to be paid)
  • Note6: Professional customization according to your needs on the basis of the existing platform (full or partial customization fees can be waived under certain conditions)
  • Note7: The free version provides email-based technical support up to once a month

About us

Jiangsu Qidong Yipingfang Computer Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2007. About half of the members are senior designers and programmers with more than 10 years, 20 years programming experience. Since its inception, it has been engaged in the development of software outsourcing to Japan for a long time, and has accumulated rich experience in system development. We participated in the development of more than 300 types of projects in all walks of life. With rich development experience and strong technical force in various fields, the company provides reliable and high-quality software development services to customers. Started in 2016,Our company is committed to the research and development of IOT and artificial intelligence. In August 2018, our company launched the EE Customer Service Platform, which supports Chinese, Japanese, and English on Wechat and Web Customer Service, and can dock with many social networking software at home and abroad. We will rely on our courage to innovate, focusing on the concept of technological progress to attract talented people to join, grasp the frontier dynamics of various technology platforms, keep up with the trend of the times, and further provide high-quality services for our customers.